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Classroom Equipment

We offer complete starter-kits to our 3-month students with a 10% discount or give the opportunity to rent all large bench equipment and pay only for the consumable tools needed for exercises. Inscribed students will receive up-to-date list before visiting and can bring personal tools to class if needed.


5-Day students will get a fully equipped bench with everything setup and ready to go, no extra fee’s will be charged. Bringing personal small tools like gravers is allowed but not necessary.


Our classroom has a range of practical free to use items available for the duration of the class like zirconia, working plates, burs, drills, tools organisers and illustration books.

Mandatory Testweek

New 3-month students have to complete a week of tests and finish a basic engraving exercise. If the student succeeds he can proceed with the 3-month program as scheduled. Mr. Sidorov wants to be sure the student is motivated and skilled enough to become a professional diamond setter.

Important Suggestions for Applying

Students should have reached the age of 18 at the start of the course. No prior experience is required although it is advised to prepare yourself for this intensive course. Students should also be conditioned to sit behind a workbench for eight hours a day, five days a week.


Proficiency in one of the following languages is advised but not mandatory: English, Dutch, French, Russian. Students should have proof of official stay in Belgium for the duration of the course. Our staff will advice you on the necessary documents. We can help to make housing arrangements according to your budget in the measure of the possibilities.


All students attending our school are covered for any physical or material damage to and from third parties during school hours. We require all students to acquire a medical insurance covering their stay in Belgium.

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