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3-Month Professional Training

About the Course

This intensive practical course, given by Alexander Sidorov gives the opportunity to learn multiple techniques and methods of modern diamond setting. We start with basic engraving of simple shapes before moving on to complex exercises. This gives students the essential training of hand control and basic understanding of the tools and machine setup on his or her bench.

The basics of work preparation, selecting appropriate tools, calculating stone sizes, spacing and distances, critical thinking and problem solving are all key factors of progression. Students will be presented with various types of operations involving engraving, drilling, cleaning, measuring, hammering, polishing, texturing, etc, all to be followed live and on a TV-Screen.

All work must be executed with extreme precision. By means of continuous practice and diverse exercises this course will prepare the students to the element of speed they will need in this demanding market. All main styles of setting ere taught with a strong emphasis on pave setting. The students will be immersed into an active workplace with fellow students from all corners of the world and will be able to follow the daily workings of a professional setting atelier.

Our goal is to make this profession available for any motivated candidate with a minimum of skill. The three month teaching period will guarantee the knowledge needed to acquire, through practice and hard work, to become a professional diamond setter. Join our program and introduce yourself to a new career and a new life.

Your Instructor

Alexander Sidorov

Alexander Sidorov

Alexandre Sidorov is internationally recognized for his exquisite stone-setting abilities. Over thirty years of experience have led him to the development of a highly specialized setting techniques.

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